LOVE Condoms Campaign

The LOVE Condoms campaign is an initiative created by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) to promote widespread access, usage and acceptance of condoms as a vital component of the Global AIDS Control.

The LOVE Condoms campaign aims to:
– Encourage individuals to protect themselves and their partners by consistently using condoms

– Call on the governments and the private sector to remove economic and ideological barriers which impede the easy access to free and low-cost condoms for all who need them

– Advocate for inventive approaches to marketing condoms in ways that encourage their effective and consistent use,

– Highlight the extent to which the world wide demand for condoms has not been adequately met

– Promote an increased focus on access to condoms in conjunction with the convenient, free Rapid Testing and the Universal Access to anti-retroviral treatment as the integral components of the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

Since the inception of the LOVE Condom campaign in 2008, AHF-branded LOVE Condoms have gained great popularity among millions of people across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Each year AHF and its partners commemorate the International Condom Day on February 13 with LOVE Condoms events ranging from a march in the sunny Mombasa, Kenya to a public outreach on the snowy streets of Tallinn, Estonia.

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