Hello from Tallinn!


We learned a few things testing people in Tallinn during World AIDS Day 2009: Mass testing demand: People DO want to know their HIV status – this was very clear message for everybody. People were standing in line for 45 min -1 hour to get tested in spite of wind, rain and cold weather. This was unprecedented to Estonia. Unfortunately many people were not tested due to limited capacities of tent. Next mass testing event need to be organized indoor during wintertime. More nurses need to be trained and mobilized to conduct rapid testing.

Also, our Plan for 2010: To include Estonia in Rapid testing Initiative with added focus on linkages to care and treatment; Plan to provide INSTI tests to Estonia for mass testing events and high risk group testing; Plan to provide support for outreach materials and joint training events (INSTI) with National institute for Health Development.

Zoya Shabarova
HIV/AIDS Adviser, Eastern Europe
AIDS Healthcare Foundation