AHF’s Ukrainian Partners Hand out Condoms, Call on Lower Prices

Over the weekend on Feb. 13-14, AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) partners and volunteers in Ukraine handed out 4,000 LOVE Condoms on the streets of Kiev in commemoration of the International Condom Day.

The condoms which the volunteers distributed near entrances to the capital’s central subway stations were attached to leaflets with the information about the newly-opened AHF Test and Treat site on Kiev’s right bank at 59A Holosiyivskiy Avenue.

By celebrating the Condom Day activists intend to promote condom use in the country with the highest HIV prevalence in Europe at 1.1 percent of the population. They are also calling on the government and the private sector to ease a multitude of financial barriers which prevent access to affordable condoms.  So far exorbitantly high price and excessive importation duties have obstructed the proliferation of condoms in Ukraine, despite the fact that condoms are highly effective in preventing the transmission of HIV.

To appraise the public’s attitude toward condom pricing and access, the activists also conducted a survey during the event. While 114 respondents reported that a 3-pack of condoms costs anywhere from $1.5 to $3.8 USD, the majority believe that the appropriate price should be closer to $0.65. For many people in the country with an annual average per capita income of $6,700, condoms are simply unattainable at the current prices.

The team of volunteers also distributed 1,700 condoms to students at the National Aviation University at the awareness-raising event called “With love in heart, with condom in pocket.”

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