International Condom Day-Lithuania


A manifesto inviting to dialogue and to take action to make condoms more available was sent to 172 members of Parliament, Vilnius municipality and government representatives responsible for public health. The head of the parliamentary group “For Equality”, Marija Aušrin? Pavilionien?, replied to the manifesto, expressed her approval to manifesto’s principles and offered cooperation.

From February 10 to 14, in seven Lithuanian cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Šiauliai, Panev?žys, Alytus and Marijampol?) in the movie theatres “Forum Cinemas” before COSMOPOLITAN movie premieres, a video clip was shown for the International Condom day. 20 volunteers distributed 5,000 condoms.  From February 6 to 14, together with Vilnius University and medical student’s corporation “Fraternitas Lituanica” HIV testing campaign was conducted. Volunteers distributed condoms and information materials, provided consultations about HIV, STIs and condoms. 210 HIV tests were made, 800 condoms, 800 information materials and 210 pens were distributed.  In February 14, in the Vilnius Rehabilitation Centre for the Deaf, a play about this day was put on for visitors and guests. 288 LOVE condoms were distributed.