What is International Condom Day?

International Condom Day (ICD) is an informal holiday usually observed on February 13 in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. ICD promotes safer sex awareness in a fun and creative way while encouraging people to use condoms.
Join in on the fun as we celebrate ICD by reminding everyone that condoms are “Always in Fashion.”

Where’s the fashion sense in condoms you might ask?

They’re practical: easy to carry and are the most affordable way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.

They make a statement about your priorities: you care about your health and that of your partner.
They express who you are: with hundreds of sizes, textures, colors and flavors, you can stick with what you like or change it up every time.

And most importantly: they give you peace of mind, so you can relax and focus on the fun.

Worldwide Events

“In partnership with Impulse São Paulo and Municipal STD / AIDS Program – São Paulo City we will carry out two prevention and education actions for the consistent use of condoms:
(Action 01) Distribute condoms for the “”foliões”” (carnival fans) with the support of the 10 mobile health units spreaded throughout the city for 9 days (from February 5th to February 13th) during the parades of the carnival blocks.
(Action 02) On Paulista Avenue, during the city ‘s carnival party (12th, February – Sunday – all day)

AHF Cambodia organizes the International condom day on 11 Feb/ 14 Feb 2018 . The event campaign of providing Free HIV testing and condom promotion will take place in conjunction with the Valentine Day 2018 on 14 Feb . In collaboration with NGOs’ partners, National AIDS Authority, Provincial Health Department, Provincial govermors to organize the event will be held in the shopping venues, entertainment venues, traffic places along the border of Cambodia and Thailand.

El ICD 2018 CHILE, contendrá dos eventos dirigidos a fortalecer la alianza entre AHF Chile y la comuna de Huechuraba. El primer evento es un punto de prensa para dar conocer el apoyo de nuestra organización a la labor del Centro de Salud Familiar -CESFAM- para la realización de Test de VIH en el sistema de regular de atención y en el sistema de urgencia. El segundo evento es la realización de una “Campaña de Testeo y promoción del uso de condones” en donde dispondremos de la oferta de condones con demostración de su uso correcto y se dispondrá, en conjunto con personal de salud del CESFAM Huechuraba, de la oferta de test de VIH.
Highlighting the theme of “Always in fashion”, focusing at MSM group, to organize a series of interactive (and fun) activities at China’s biggest gay community bar to vividly demonstrate the use of condom as a fashionable life style. Also, to promote EASY TEST (online self testing),encourage RT at event, distribute condom. It is also planned to have press release and media report for the campaign.
“This year we would like to arrange a special event focused on young and active people of Narva (16-24) working on prevention of HIV and STIs. The event will be a tryout for marketing agency from Tallin who helped us with placements for billboards across Narva and we would liek to see how they are doing event wise. https://www.kreatioon.eu
It could be a ball-masquerade at the Narva College of the University of Tartu. The entrance ticket to the event should be a fancy dress decorated with LOVE condoms. The duration of the event will be about 3 hours. The number of expected guests — 150.
In the program of the event there will be a host with funny contests and quizzes, fashion show with participation of models in dresses decorated with LOVE condoms, a lottery with branded souviners and LOVE condoms from Linda Clinic, illusion show prepared specially for the event, a cold table with soft drinks and snacks. The finale of the evening should be a fire show at the Town Hall square and a disco.
Also during the event there will be free HIV testing arranged for the guests, free condoms and information materials will be distributed at the event.
Participants of the event could be students of the Narva College, pupils of the senior classes of the local schools, representatives of student corporations of Estonia. The ROI from the event is going to be establishing the connections with young people, and engagement them as volunteersa and additionally motivating them to became our “”ambassadors”” to deliver info about condoms availability etc.”
1. In Addis Ababa there are number of sites identified as hotspots for HIV transmission. Most of these sites are associated with the precence of CSWs and other MARP groups. DKT-Ethiopia, a social marketing organization has been trying to distribute condoms for almost all sites, though it is not as per the needs of target population. However, a local partner known as “”Yagebanal”” close partner with DKT identified additional 20 hotspots that were not addressed by any NGO or GOs. Hence, AHF-Ethiopia in collaboration with the local partner “”Yagebanal”” has planned to conduct a five-day condom night campaign in these 20 hotspot sites in relation to ICD.

2. We will have an entertaning street event that attracts our audiences to our event by involving circus, drama & music group. We will prepare palm cards, banners & t-shirts with contextualized theme to be used at the event.

Humorous video about condoms and safer sex practices with the participation of drag queens

Drag queen party

Flashmob-street vogue performance
The third part of Positive Voice’s activities on the occasion of ICD 2018 in Athens will be a flashmob-street vogue performance, in which a crew of dancers will perform in Ermou str (the main shopping street in Athens) and volunteers will distribute free condoms and informative leaflets to the public.

Positive Voice’s activities in Thessaloniki will take place in Aristotelous sq with volunteers preparing and distributing condom packages, urging people to help and learn more about safer sex and condom use. The DJ will create a fun music atmosphere that will be completed with the presence of a Drag Queen wearing a custom made “”LOVE”” condom couture, which will be there to take pictures with the public and mobilize them to engage with the message of ICD 2018 on social media.

Testing services
On the occasion of International Condom Day, both our mobile units in Athens and Thessaloniki will provide testing services for three days in several municipalities.

Awareness-raising events in 20 cities of Greece

Ferias educativas en espacios abiertos, jornadas de pruebas rapidas, compentencias deportivas, culturales, desfiles ludicos, distribucion de condones en peajes y estaciones de buses, distribucion de condones en centros nocturos, en lugares de presencias de indigenas, pasarelas y competencias de atletismos, fiestas de disfrases y conciertos musicales.
Promote Prevention, Safe Sex. Protect yourself, Protect your partner! Love yourself, Love your partner! HIV Testing and Distribution of Condoms. This is the time when more young girl get pregnant after the carnival. We will use the media, radio shows to promote prevention and distribution of condoms during the 3 days of the carnival.
Narrative: The stigma and Taboo around Condoms in India is still very high. In an attempt to destigmatize and entice youth with positive messages on Condoms and Condom use age AHF India is planning to observe ICD 2018 in Collaboration with a renowned Fashion Institutes and CSOs
Activity #1: Collaboration with PEARL ACADEMY FASHION INSTITUTE New Delhi for ICD
a. Involve the students to do make Fashion accessories/ garments made out of Condoms as a competition and display the same in ICD event.
All dresses/accessories/lifestyle products made of condoms. The materials (condoms in multi colours) will be provided by AHF to all 4 Pearl Academy centres
Display of the designs in the Public Program at Central Park on Mannequins
Video shoot of the preparatory phase of design and making of the accessories – “BEHIND THE SCREEN” and later compiling it with the ICD Global video / sharing in in YOUTUBE Social Media etc
To kick start the year of the sites AHF Lesotho will celebrate ICD with its patients at Katlehong clinic.there will be build up outreaches testing at different community bus stops to promote condom use.
Safe sexual life is an important part of healthy lifestyle. During the event in the gym we will integrate physical activities, healthy lifestyle, awareness of safe sexual life and fashion also.
Specific testing event will be performed in gay night club. Every person will get a present with package for safer sexual life (e.g. condoms and lubricants) with ICD-2018 logo. Seeking to perform attractive and funny event in the night club every club visitor will get a colourful neon bracelet. Staff will be dressed with T-shirt with ICD-2018 logo.
it is planned to inaugurate two wellness centers for the international day of the condom, inaguracion of Guadalajara and reinaguracion of the wellness mexico city, as well as to carry out a massive event to launch condoms love in Mexico
Every year AHF Myanmar organize public awareness raising campaign on 13 February to mark International Condom Day. On 13 February 2018, AHF Maynmar will also organize public awareness raising campaign to mark ICD 2018 with following objectives: 1) To increse awareness on 100% condom utilization among PLHIV and patients on ART
2) To improve awareness on HIV and condom utilization and conduct HCT among key affected population
awareness raising mucical concert, Condom March (flash mob, tap dance and marching with placards) , Television talk show, street drama, Love Condom distribution, Rapid HIV testing
A caravan tour around Abuja Municipal Area council will Preceed the main event in all AHF supported Local Goverment areas in FCT; AMAC, Gwagwalada, Kuje, Bwari . HIV testing sevives including moon light testings and condom distribution and demostration will hold simultaneously in all AHF sites and fast track sites inclusive.We intend to have a fashion show and parade depicting the Theme of the event will hold at the venue of the main event.
The 2nd Condom Festival in Lima will be held on February 13 in the Costa Verde of San Miguel (in front of the beach) in which allies, public institutions and musicians will be invited to promote the proper use of the condom. The cultural festival will feature theater, inflatables (to promote the relationship of protection, fun and fashion), concert, information booths, workshops for parents, contests, HIV testing and the opening of a Museum of the Condon to inform about the importance of condon from its beginnings, in the closure will be held fashion contests, including the election of Mr Condom. Likewise, in regions, informative and cultural festivals aimed at young people will be promoted.
Collaboration with “Warehouse Bijenkorf” big trade center will cosist of 3 parts.
1. We would dress a window for 1 day at the bijenkorf with Love Condoms and possible a designed “Garment” by a local or independent designer.
2. Inside the Bijenkorf we would set up a Love condom booth giving away free condoms including card about checkpoint in between the cosmetic department. The booth would also provide information on our program in the Netherlands. We could also provide the warehouse with Love Condom wrapping paper for the warehouse to use for valentines day. The wrapping paper would have our local program/checkpoint information on it.
3. If booth is not possible, we could offer free condoms the whole day at the registers or Valentines day gift wrapping stations or place a big glass box outside filled with condoms to give away. Taking into consideration that the Bijenkorf is a huge warehouse and the traffic is insane we get a window including a live model, this could get a lot of attention from people walking by as well as the press as it is right by DAM squarre and accross from Tram station “lost of traffic”.
The 2nd Condom Festival in Lima will be held on February 13 in the Costa Verde of San Miguel (in front of the beach) in which allies, public institutions and musicians will be invited to promote the proper use of the condom. The cultural festival will feature theater, inflatables (to promote the relationship of protection, fun and fashion), concert, information booths, workshops for parents, contests, HIV testing and the opening of a Museum of the Condon to inform about the importance of condon from its beginnings, in the closure will be held fashion contests, including the election of Mr Condom. Likewise, in regions, informative and cultural festivals aimed at young people will be promoted.
February is referred to as the Love Month. Young people when asked, February is an erotic month for them. For girls they believe that duting thid month the moon brings the men to them, and the women flirts with the men. For most people, they usually go out of their way to prepare a surprise and a romantic date with their partner or loved one. Hotels, motels and restaurants are usually fully booked on February 14 and traffic is terrible on this day in Metro Manila.
To celebrate the International Condom Day (ICD) 2018, the organizers thought of targeting the MSM and TG clans in Metro Manila. They too celebrate Valentine’s Day with a big bang. To remind them that they can fully express their love to their partner, the organizers will provide them a venue for HIV AIDS prevention education and testing as well as to celebrate the Love Month with their friends and have fellowship with other MSM and TG clan members.
The event will be conducted in a venue with swimming pool where dating game and ramp modeling will be conducted. At the end of the activity, a Condom Ambassador for 2017 will be selected. The dating game will focus on fun questions of knowing the other person but would also include questions related to the 2018 ICD theme of condoms always in fashion. The ramp modeling / Condom Ambassador competition on the other hand, will be to showcase the beauty, talent and wit of the participating MSM and TG people. This will include self-introduction with a favorite pick-up line or “kasabihan” (local term for saying), ramp modeling with a condom at hand and a question and answer portion.
The Condom Ambassadors for 2018 will be photographed wth their famous condom promotion pick-up lines which will be shared in the facebook page of partners as well as AHF. Hopefully, they will also be the condom promoters even beyond the ICD 2018 celebration.
ICD will address primary to prevention supported by strong marketing, including a wrapped LOVE Condom Van that will distribute condoms along with 25 volunteers. At the same time, two tends will be at a central square in Lisbon offering HIV, viral hepatitis and syphilis rapid testing. We will organize a fashion runway (fashion show) invinting design students to create modeles based on Love Condom style and “”Always in Fashion””
GAT will also try to organize the following meetings to discuss distribution of condoms:
– Meeting with National Health Directorate (DGS), responsible for the condom national plan distribution;
– Meeting with the National Prison Health Directorate (DGSP), to discuss condoms availability in prisons;
– Meeting with the Ministry of Education to discuss condom distribution in high schools;
– Meeting with Fast Track Cities consortium.
The ROI will be the increase of LOVE condoms brand and promotion of condom use among young people.
We plan to hold costumed competitions in the Trade Complex with great traffic, for example TC Sennaya or TC Gallery. The participant (or different participants) in the condom suit will RAP-fight with the enemy in the suit of the virus (or different viruses), using for the wording of the topic of safe sex, contraception, relations of different sexes. To participate in the show is also planned to attract well-known among the MS 140B PM Battle, Bboys from Top9 Crew and DJs from Funk Fanatix.
The host will fill the breaks between speeches about rapid telling, methods of contraception, AHF mission, the participants in the competition and encourage regular examinations. During the event, HIV testing will be organized near the shopping center in specially equipped buses which are branded in AHF style
1. Condom kiosk launch- 4 new condom kiosks will be publicly launched in Rubavu, Musanze, Rusizi and Nyarugenge districts collaboration with Ministry of Health, RBC and district officials
2. Radio/TV talk shows with main focus on:1) HIV prevention; link between multiple sexual partners, STIs, HIV transmission.2)Safer sex and consistent use of condom during every act of intercourse and prevention of unwanted pregnancies.
3. Mobile van in identified hotspots in city ;at every stop, there will be volunteers providing ICD prepared messages and distributing publically free condoms. At the last stop, there will be youth competitions responding to HIV quizes. The four first winners will be given prizes.We plan to have free HIV testing and free condoms distribution where we target to test 2000 and distribute 250000 condoms.
This is regarded as our main event which will have mostly the participation of Tertiary institutions students who will be engaged to participate in a soccer tournament during the day and later invited to a fashion and music show to start in the evening. Condoms will be given the greatest visibility.Besides partnering with the Ministry of Health, Sports and Music Industry, AHF also wishes to partner with the business and transport sector during the week of the campaign to enhance condom distribution via gas stations, hotels and during police roadblocks in strategic areas particularly on the main ICD day being the 13th of February.
The main event targets are Male, Female, MSM, TG, Youth and Sex Workers in Bangkok due to their high HIV prevalence, 30%. The main activities include HIV Rapid Test with general health check, health game edutainment, safer sex and condoms stage talk, flashmob, free snack boxes, hand out condoms and lubes, etc.
To support the international activities commemorating International Condom Day by creating awareness among members of the public. Specifically, to bolster information and education activities relating to condom use, HIV/AIDS, HIV testing, STIs and unplanned pregnancies; to provide condoms to 5000 (15,000 condoms) unique persons during the carnival season and; to provide 100 HIV tests to persons attending the “Run-way” event
We will have a drive in the University, the whole day on 10th February. The drive will have 9 stop overs at all halls of residence. The stop overs will include educative fun activities. Activities will include; health education on proper condom use, HIV Prevention, care and treatment, GBV, creative flashmobs, as well as importance of maintaining healthy intimate relationships. ICON and LOVE Condoms will be distributed at these points. We will also provide some incentives as a means of attracting many more young people to the scene.
Idea is to turn coffee cups in Kyiv into the cups of Safe Love. In a network of coffee-shops and coffee-wagons in Kyiv distribute special sleeves with printed messages fun quotes about safe sex and coffee. Each design will be branded with AHF and International Condom Day.

Campaign Logic
1. Set up a partnership with coffee-to-go network, like Aroma Kava as the biggest network of such kind in Kyiv and most popular among young people, that has both outdoor coffee-points and indoor cafes.
2. Starting from February 10, 2018 coffee-points’ clients will receive coffee cups with special sleevesdelivering messages about safe sex, and Love condom.
3. In parallel, hold a few master-classes on safe sex and correct condom usage with AHF expert(s) in several most crowded cafes within a few days (one event per day in different coffee houses). Master-classes will be promoted in advance via social media and through posters inside the coffee-points. Mobile HIV-testing will be held near the coffee house facility at the day of master-class holding.
4. On February 12, 2018 hold one of such master-classes for youth in cafe in central part of Kyiv together with media event with AHF representatives where the campaign will be presented, the topic of safe sex and condoms, HIV/AIDS transmission and ICD itself will be covered.

Media event elements:
-Short press briefing about World Condom Day
-Educational master-class about safe sex, usage of condoms
-Interviews with café visitors and campaign organizers.

Around 30 coffee-points are expected to be engaged in campaign
Around 500 people are expected to visit master-classes
Around 500 people are expected to pass free HIV testing
Expected campaign reach – 2+ mln contacts

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia and it has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence which stands at 16.1%. AHF will use this opportunity to raise awareness on various issues on HIV/AIDS during the commemoration of ICD. Our approach is to work closely with the media houses (Radio, Print & TV) to send key messages to the public and well as working influencials to carry our messages to the people that they work with/interact with. They team wil ensure that partners are involved in activities for broder coverage.
International Condom Day (ICD) will be commemorated in Harare in one of the HIV hot spot peri-urban places. Prior to the ICD, there will be a two-day condom road show campaign building into the ICD. The pre-ICD campaign will also be conducted in HIV hot spot areas in Harare. Two road shows will be conducted per day for the two days. HTS and condom distribution are key services during all the events. Media coverage will be provided at all the events. Opinion leaders such as legislators, religion leaders, senior government officials will promote the event through radio ads